We worked with Universal E-Business Solutions to build them a fully custom web property. This site was coded from scratch using Bootstrap 4, Sass and Javascript. The idea behind this site was to build a clean modern website with loads of information on one page in an easily digestable manner. Take a second to check out their site and services.

Mobile First

As is our approach to most projects we work on, we began designing the mobile experience first. The goal being, we needed to find a way to deliver the same amount of information on phones and tablets as we can on desktop. Mobile design can be tricky when it comes to information consumption for mobile users.



We had to find a way to take what was once a multi page website with loads of info and trim it down to a one page site. This is easier said than done. The content needed to be served up to the user in an elegant and digestable manner. Our approach to this was to use modals to deliver this information. See below for examples of how we did this.